Movement of Sea Animals

For the last few weeks, the wonderland and house classroom have been working on explorations together as one.The is one way we provide opportunities for older children to mentor younger children and allow the younger children to learn from the older ones One particular exploration is on sea animals and their movement.



The students began by discussing how sea animals move under water. We observed that the children had more of a difficult time describing the movement using words,instead they used their hands to show us. Along with using with their hands we showed them videos of a shark, seal, octopus and jellyfish in water.We provided several examples of lines as a provocation. After watching the video they were challenged to match a line print with each animal and then try to draw the line themselves.


The younger children from house room identified the movement of the sea animals based by their speed, such as how slow or fast they went. After doing this they also counted the line movement by the wavelength of each line.

IMG_20150413_155306 _20150413_155458IMG_20150413_155542The older children from wonderland identified the movement of each animals mainly by the direction instead of focusing on speed (such as back and fourth or up and down). They selected the speed by the thickness of the lines provided to them. The thicker the line the faster or slower the animal moved. They also counted and wrote the line movement as a whole rather then each line or wavelength.

IMG_20150413_155351 IMG_20150413_155758

Two classrooms working together as one has been such an amazing experience for both classes that we are continuing to do so. They are learning to work and socialize with new children in ways they normally do not. The older group is also able to help teach the younger group things they may need help on.This inquiry has also provided the children with challenges that make them think in new ways. Here are 4 videos showing movement through the children’s hands.





We will continue to show progress between these two classrooms and this exploration.

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