The Colors of Flowers

One day, Jake grabbed a flower from class.  He became interested in it and the teachers started to talk with him about it.  Aven joined in on the conversation……

Aven said, “I know all flowers are pink”.

Jake “No, maybe all flowers are purple”.

Which led us to ask the entire class, “What color are flowers?”

The children gave us different answers, and to encourage the writing and reading, we gave them pieces of paper with the words on them.  We helped the children read them, and they grabbed the corresponding color marker and colored on the word…….  Our wonderful parents have been so involved in this project!  Each parent is bringing in the color flower that their child has requested………

We have set the flowers out, and we are using them as a provocation to draw, write, spell, count, and learn the anatomy of the flower.

One day, Jake brought in a rose from his garden, and look what we found inside!  A
SPIDER!!!!  Luckily, Ms. Sahira caught it and put it in a jar for us….  We watched it all morning, we read books on spiders, counted the number of legs and eyes, and created drawings of what we learned….  Taylor’s Flower  Jayson’s Flower  “I draw the flower and the long thing and the leaf”  – Chase

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