Making Dresses






When we added new tissue paper into our classroom, the girls asked to use it to make their own dresses!

First they used tissue paper, tape and feathers to create them and then we posed for the camera!  The children were able to use the camera and take photos of themselves.






The excitement to create dresses with these materials has inspired us to make real dresses out of fabric and sewing them together!

First we  took our measurements with a measuring tape so that our dresses will be exactly the size and length we need them to be.

Through this project the children have worked on the following skills:

  • Tracing
  • Counting
  • Measuring
  • Math
  • Sewing

The girls have learned how to stich the fabric and are sewing the sides of the dresses with the teacher’s supervision………….

The girls are also making descriptive pictures of exactly what they would like their dresses to look like. Focusing on:

  • The color
  • The length
  • The sleeves
  • The designs on the dress

Some of us have begun sewing our patterns already! Learning how to sew is something we have always wanted to do!

We encourage parents to practice these learning skills at home with your child too!

If you have any extra fabric or sewing materials, we would love for you to donate it for this project! 

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