How To Make A Slingshot?!!

 We felt like we almost had everything ready to begin setting up for our angry birds game! We picked numbers 1-3 as points for the pigs if they were knocked down…

The boys set up their game in the hallway.  We used MANY different objects to get our game set up exactly the way we wanted to.  This was a great opportunity to problem solve, communicate, and work together.  During the time that the children were setting up, there were several differences in opinion! ;0)  In our curriculum, we believe that this presented a wonderful learning opportunity.  The teachers acted as a mentor in giving the children ways to communicate their ideas, and ways to problem solve, rather than solving the problems and arguments for them.

Once we were all in agreement with the “set up”, we realized we needed a SLINGSHOT to play the game.  The boys tried building one out of the blocks and sticks, and asked for a rubber band.

We all took turns trying to make our angry bird “fly” by pulling the rubberband back and letting go…

BUT it just FELL! The boys were confused…. =/

This called for an opportunity for us to try and make our own slingshots to see if it would work! The boys were provided with different materials like different types of rope, wire, tape, Popsicle sticks and rubber bands. We couldn’t wait to try and make our own slingshots and test them out!!  This activity provided the children with an opportunity to test their hypothesis and use the different materials to try to create a sling shot.

By: Bishop

By: Luke

Even though this was the first time the boys tried making slingshots, they were able to test out some other slingshots since Preston bought one from home and Bishop brought one in that he made with his dad!

We are so excited because Preston’s dad will be coming to our school to help us create a Slingshot! Please ask Ms. Ambreen for the details!

Stayed tuned for upcoming posts about our slingshot experiments…. ;-D

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