How far away is Japan?!

The students began talking about how far away Japan was from us…This made us want to investigate and find out because maybe some of us may want to travel there one day! ;-D

We pulled out a few maps of Japan, United States, and of all the continents in the world.

First we looked on the map for the word , “Japan” .  Next we found the United States. In between the two countries we saw lots of BLUE!                  We asked the students, “What is all the blue?” They yelled back, “WATER!”

 This made the children wonder how we could get there? Some of our responses were:

  • Take a boat
  • Swim
  • Go on an airplane!

 We took turns writing the words Japan and United States so we could remember and see how far they were from each other.

We also took turns drawing lines from one country to the other to show what we thought was the fastest way  to get there!!  We put our name next to our route…Some lines were really long while others were really short . :) 





Some children crossed through many countries, while some crossed through a few. One thing was agreed: A plane was the fastest way to reach our destination!






Next we all took turns estimating how many miles we thought it takes to reach Japan from the United States.








Our numbers ranged from 3 miles to 180 Miles!


After doing some research on the internet, we were so shocked at how BIG the number was! We learned a number most of us have never heard of! Japan is 6,648 away from the United States!

After finding out the new information we wanted to create our own maps showing the two countries and how we would get there!

This thread in our project has help us to assess the children’s knowledge of the concept of distance.  We are doing different activities in the room to help the children understand distance, and helping them better understand measurement.

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