I can make a Japanese Castle!

As we continued learning about Japanese castles…We told our teachers we wanted to make our own!  Ms.Marjon showed us pictures of two different kinds of castles. We had a Japanese one for ninjas and an English one for knights!

As we looked at the similarities and differences the main image that stood out to us was that a japanese castle was built horizontally and a english castle was vertical! This helped us understand how we would make OUR castle.

We also looked through a book full of many different kinds of castles and found a picture that would help us..

Once we had an idea, we began building!

We used many different sizes of blocks. We thought it would be easier  to use the longest blocks we had to create our outline..

We tried many different ways, only to take it apart and start over. This is what made us think harder!

We didn’t really understand that we needed to add more pieces on top, so Ms. Ambreen got the castle book and showed us the picture of it. This is when we saw the castle was built on top of something called a, “rockwall” that made the castle even higher! Hendrix told us we can use the wood platform as our rock wall! We than began understanding we needed to add a lot more pieces on top, so the enemies couldn’t find any way to get in.

So we began building on top…

We were concerned about the inside of it too..so we used our block people as ninjas  ;-D

After we thought our castle was complete, we all wanted to pose like Ninjas and we loved this part! We all fit the ninja role!

We left this project up for a few days, so we could add on if we wanted to..so as days went by we learned the some japanese castles also had bridges..and we added one on to ours!

The boys found triangles to use as the roof!

We added a neighbor castle that the knights lived in!

We used the tiles as guards(men) that were watching our castles.

The pin clips was a bridge to cross over.

Next to the castles were all the ninjas and knights lined up protecting both castle! I I asked the children how many of theses protectors were lined up?

So they all took turns walking around and trying to count each one…

We kept messing up so we would start all over again and make sure we count them all!

After counting it, we wrote down our name and the number of how many people we thought were lined up!

We all counted together at the end, We counted 22!!

After creating these castles we began wondering how far Japan is from the united States?! Check back soon to find out what we learned! :)

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