Angry Birds

We are all so excited about our NEW block area out in the hallway! We went out one day and built what is showing in this picture.  The children said it was for Christmas, and they began creating a Christmas tree with ornaments and presents. They wanted to put “Angry Birds” in our presents.

 This inspired us to draw our own angry birds!  The children drew and then cut out their birds.

After sitting and creating all the angry birds we wanted, we layed them across the table to count and see how many we had.

We made a total of 23! After drawing the angry birds, we hung them up on the wall. That’s when we thought it would be a great idea to number each one so we know how many we have made!

We took turns writing each number…

Then we worked together to put our numers in the right order.  It took us a while, but it was a great opportunity for the children to work together, problem solve, and figure out the right order!

We raced to the wall to put all the numbers in order above each one of our angry birds…

Then Ms. Maryam counted each number with us to make sure we put them in the correct order!

To reinforce putting the numbers in order, we put the numbers 1 -23 on the table and the chidlren have been practicing putting them in order in the following days.

This project is helping us focus on:

  • Numbers 1-25
  • Recognizing #’s 1-25
  • Writing #’s 1-25
  • Putting #’s 1-25 in the correct order

This is something we encourage the parents to also practice at home with their child.

We are also learning to write and recognize which word goes with a particular color.

Now we are creating our very OWN Angry Birds! Come check out our progress in the classroom to see where this project takes us!

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