Lets go have a Picnic!

Everyday, while the children are playing in the Home Living area, they make and serve each other food. One day they grabbed some forks and food and said, “Lets go to a picnic!” They laid a blanket down, and served food from a basket.

We took them outside and let them have a picnic with their own food made from dough!

We had such good helpers! We helped prepare for the picnic by passing out plates so everyone could make food out of dough!

We all picked something very interesting to make…


“chocolate pancakes”



“pieces of cake”




“Ice Cream”

We were so excited to serve our new food to all of our friends during an inside picnic!

We think this is a great opportunity to begin a weekly cooking project to stimulate their measuring and cooking skills. We encourage  parents’ cooperation as this project can continue at home!

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