Little Wonders uses Google in Education for Summer School Program

Little Wonders is teaming up with Google to provide a summer school program packed with creativity, innovation, and technology!

The children will focus on two projects with Google, presentations on a Biome and a Digital Book.

The Biome Presentation:

Students will define “biome”.  They will explain the link (interdependence) between a biome’s geopgraphical features, climate and its wildlife, plant life, and human inhabitants.  Students will identify adaptations of human, animal and plant life in various biomes.  Students will identify and locate various biomes on a map of the world (for example: tundra, grasslands, desert, temperate forests, rain forests, oceans, etc.)


The Digital Book Presentation:

Students will use a digital arts program to produce digital sketches.  Students will practice their technology skills while developing literacy skills.  The students stories and artwork will be assembled using Google Presentation to create digital books to print or view online.

Google has now opened a Houston location, and the staff will visit Little Wonders throughout the summer to assist the children in these projects.  For more information on Google in Education click on the following link…..

Aside from these two major projects, the summer program will include weekly field trips, art guidance with Marjon Aucoin, Educational guidance with Robin Martin, and Physical Education with Chip Ambres.

For more information call 281-208-9545

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