Line Movement

Red Room has been doing an ongoing exploration/study on lines and line movement. For the art show we had the children practice their fine motor skills, writing skills, literacy skills, and math skills. Using videos the children observed the motion of lines from an Olympic Ribbon Twirler, a Snake, and a Seismometer (earthquake reader).

20150602_143621_LLS 20150602_143634_LLS

The children have also been using small materials to create lines on the light table. The most common line was a straight line but we did challenge them by asking who could create a zig zag line. At first the children hesitated in telling the group what they saw.

20150602_143719_LLS 20150602_144022_LLS 20150602_144114_LLS

After the children observed the line, they began working right away and put so much focus on creating a zig zag line. Taking it one step further, we are now studying physical movement with lines.

20150602_144358_LLS 20150602_144405_LLS 20150603_142232

Doing various activities, the children have been following and tracing different lines with their feet and bodies. Using chalk, we drew 3 lines on the cement outside for the children to step on the line. They even raced each other to see who could reach the end of the line faster.

20150603_142510 20150603_144147 20150603_145059

The children then slowed down and counted each step that they took and compared which one took the most steps.


Lines have provided our children with various avenues of academics to learn from.

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