Light Photography

One week the children participated in the light photography project. These pictures will not only update the class mural, but will showcase a piece of our ongoing study of light with the children.


For this project we completely draped our closet with black sheets and curtains to make a dark room. By doing this, it allowed the colored neon lights to illuminate better for the camera. The children were given different colored light sticks to play with in effort to get them to make movement with light. With their movement, the children were creating art with light.

In our observations, we saw the children had much curiosity about the dark room and also some hesitation about staying in it as well. However, after seeing the light sticks glow when the closet light was turned off, their attention quickly went to observing it’s bright different colors.


This project not only served as a visual sensory experience, but also an exercise in working their fine motor skills as they used eye-hand coordination to reach and grab at the light sticks in front of them. This dark room presented a safe space and opportunities for the infants to explore muscle movement and the capabilities of their bodies.

At this young and developing stage the children are developing control of their muscle movement, this signifies their growing ability to focus on their learning. This skill is essential, through active learning the children will be able to apply previously acquired knowledge to future discoveries and learn with greater depth. Positive interactions such as these build stronger connections that can be maintained through life. Experiences such as this nurture happy, healthy and intelligent minds!

“You can teach a student a lesson a day, if you can teach them to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” -Clay P. Bedford


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