Our Finished Masterpieces!

We are so excited to present the final pieces that the students created showing emotion through color and value.

We gave you a sneak peak last week of a few that were finished and we are proud to how off the rest of the student’s masterpieces!

Please pay attention to the colors and expressions that were used to drive their individual emotions or words across. This project had the children thinking about the way colors made them feel and they were even introduced to color value! 

Tirza: Happiness

“This is happiness!”

Teagan: Hot

“I’m hot and my tongue is out because I am hot!”

Jaylin: Mad

“All of the animals are mad.”

Isela: Proud

“She is standing next to a chair with hearts all around her, she is proud!”

Sean: Happiness

“He  is feeding his dog. The sun is giving him happiness. There is a rainbow in the sky and the sun is coming out of the rain.”

Bishop: Sad and Hot

“He is sad and hot. The drops of sadness are here (the blue circle in the top left corner) and it is hot over here (on the right side).”

Nohea: Happiness and Anger

“Wild animals are around a mountain and all of them are happy except this one (the dark orange animal, second on the left).”

Alex: Sadness

“The mommy is sad because her babies are not playing with her but they are playing with the butterfly. The two babies are are happy.”

Evelynn: Excitement

“She is excited in her room and these are excited colors!”

Preston: Sneaky

“The ninja sneaks around at night and grey is the color of night so it is a sneaky color.”

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