Family Storytime Google Biome Presentations

We were excited to have all of our friends and family come out to Little Wonders for a special night of family fun!  We listened to Ms. Robin read a story, we watched the Summer School Google Biome Presentations, and we worked as a family making to make wire sculptures.

We are excited about teaming up with Google to incorporate a technology element in our project work.  The children have worked all summer on creating a slide show presentation of their biomes.  They learned how to create new slides, manipulate the background, font and colors, save and copy images, and so much more.  Everything the children did in these presentations was completely done on their own.

Take some time to watch the following video to see the presentations made by the children……..

After the presentations, we worked together to make a permanent sculpture for the school…..

   Each family worked together to make pieces that were a representation of the night.  Here is “Fishy” created by one of our families!  You can view the entire piece in our entrance to the school.

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