Reinforcing our Measuring Skills

Once the children were done with their journal in the morning, they were given the option to come in the hallway to work on a project.  Most of the class was eager to come.

In the hallway waiting for them was a box full of random objects.  Rulers and a tape measure was provided as well.  They were instructed to take what ever they likes from the box and use what they thought would measure it properly.


They gathered around the table, pulling out the different objects and discussing them.  They were given time to enjoy each other and their conversation.

Then, they slowly began placing the different objects on the ground and measuring them.




They were given paper and a pencil to record their measurements.  This student made her own lines on the paper, and she was very proud of how perfect they looked…..

They began working, collaborating, and conversing about their work.  For the teachers, it was such a beautiful experience to sit back and watch what was happening.  They were helping each other spell, and working out who would take what objects at what time.  There was no fighting or frustration, just team work and problem solving.

Because reading and writing is involved in every part of their day, the children were taking the initiative to spell the words on their own.  A word bank was not necessary, and if one child could not spell, he/she was quick to ask the group who could help them spell the word……………


the chalk measured 4 inches


the block was 4 inches

the hook was 9 inches

the spring was 6 inches


Their determination to measure as many things possible continued for a while.  They continued helping each other any time they saw a friend in need.

of course we had our fun along the way ;0)

“This is the same as the ruler!  It is 12 inches!”

before we knew it, they were filling up the paper with words and measurements…..




making sure to measure EXACTLY to the end to get the PRECISE measurement ;0)  Our little perfectionists!

Before we knew it, each child had a page filled with all of their measurements.  But better than that, we had a day filled with children excited to learn, working together, and reinforcing their knowledge of measuring.  Not only were they measuring, but helping each other read and write, as well as problem solving and communicating.


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