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This video is a collection of clips from the two days we spent juicing last week! We’ve spent a considerable amount of time on the citrus project and we are so thankful that the children have continued to learn and that this interest in this has grown. A key principle in the Reggio philosophy is allowing the children the time they need to explore. We never want to hurry or rush a child who is still taking the time to understand the materials and concepts.

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Initially, the children spent time with the juicing machine to understand how it works and what it does. We went from referring to the oranges as “apples” to distinguishing between a handful of the different citrus fruits. We have explored color (especially on the light table), counting, and shapes!

In the video below, you’ll see one child explaining that the machine was “stuck.” The children then worked together to see if they could fix the problem. It was a challenge for them to learn to apply pressure, and it’s something we wanted them to learn on their own, without the teachers telling them how to do it. This video captures the excitement of the children when they figured out how to make the juicer work!

One of the children mastered the juicing technique early on and you can see him explaining the process to the other children in the video. He would juice and then talk about the fruit, and then continue to juice more while explaining what fruit he’s juicing.

Another child started out only using one hand to juice the fruits. She gradually learned that it was easier to use two hands because she was able to provide more pressure.

The process of juicing and how it occurred is extremely important to us. We are so proud to see the communication, sharing, and teamwork that the children are displaying… especially at 2 years old! We are so proud of how they take turns and work together without fighting!

Toddlers Juicing Lemons from Little Wonders Learning Center on Vimeo.

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