It Feels like Jello

One day for our sensory exploration we made slime! To make this we used Elmer’s clear glue, liquid starch, food coloring, lavender, jasmine, mint, and rose scented infusions. First the children poured the glue in a big container. Then we added the liquid starch. They mixed the glue and starch together until it was the right consistency. Next we mixed in the food coloring and scent infusions. Once the slime was completed we took it out to the light table. The children squeezed and stretched and created different compositions. When they were asked what it felt like a few students replied, “It feels like Jello”.  One student who had the rose scented slime was asked what she smelled and she said. “It smells like strawberries”.


As children grow, their senses are their most familiar and basic way to explore and process new information.  Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction.  It also enhances learning through hands-on activities that kindle the child’s senses. This provocation proved to be a multisensory learning experience; allowing the children to touch, see and smell the slime. Multisensory experiences such as this provides various educational advantages for the children. Utilizing multiple senses helps to trigger and retrieve information, which is crucial for cognitive development. The children are more likely to retain information and build upon their knowledge quicker and successfully.


Sense of touch and smell are beneficial components to multisensory learning. By touching an object this provides a tangible and interactive opportunity for the children that engages them to explore the resource further. Smelling is a rich aspect in learning new things, it helps in building associations to various subjects and making connections like one of the students did with the rose scented slime. At Little Wonders our curriculum is always developing just as our children are always learning, both sharing a common mission to explore the world in which we live in.


“All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.”

-Martin H. Fischer

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