Trying New Things



The infants love crawling through these tunnels where it is a completely different place for them to be in!

They think no one can see them….. ;-D

Until the FLASH comes on! lol



We love finding many hidden areas and hiding out until we can peek our heads out and see who is looking for us…

It is just like “hide and go seek.” ;-D





“Bet you cant find me?!?…”






Another thing we enjoy having in our room is bubble wrap!

The infants were very excited to see this area where they sat on top of…




They weren’t too sure what it was they were feeling, but being able to touch, grab, squeeze, and POP was a new feeling for them.They also loved laying, rolling and pushing on the bubble wrap.

We enjoying providing new materials for the infants to see their reaction and watching them discover how to use their bodies in different ways!

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