Exploring Light

Here at Little Wonders Learning Center, the infants need a safe world where they are encouraged to venture, rewarded for venturing their own acts, and sustained against distraction or premature interference…they need a world rich with opportunities to see, hear, feel,touch, and move…The infants need a setting where the world is literally at their fingertips to safely explore and enjoy.


 That is just what we allowed them to do at the light table that was introduced into their classroom!

Without interrupting or stopping them, we sat back and allowed them to explore the different items placed on top of the light table. Some of them sat their for a long while and enjoyed the bright colors mixing in with the new light shining on them…


“I like to look at myself in the mirror while the light shines on me.” =D

This infant began moving all the different colors of the transparent paper over the light table and observed the different colors forming…

Then he was ready to try and squeeze, roll, and crumble all the paper!

These strobe lights were also out for the infants to enjoy while exploring, this definitely caught their attention…






They enjoyed grabbing it, squeezing it, and having it around while they played with other materials.

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