Shredded Paper

We provide babies with opportunities to explore.  Open ended materials that we see everyday, are new items for infants.  Many of these materials offer our infants a first time experience to explore.

Imagine the fascination these babies have with a bucket full of shredded paper!  This is their first time to see it, touch it, and explore it.  What will they do?

Well, we were lucky enough to watch and see ;0)  

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy as well.  Notice the interest they have, their curiosity, and their discoveries………





At first, they were not so sure of what this was.  Hmmm, should we touch it????









 Should we taste it??????









How does it feel?????








Oh!  This is fun!  And of course they dove right in! Using all of themselves to learn about this material, while waking up their senses, and using them to learn………



















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