If I had Dragonfly Wings…

One of our students brought in a real Dragonfly for us to observe!


The children have began analyzing the characterisitics of it, and now they are comparing the difference between humans and dragonflies.


AS they have been investigating the different parts of the dragonfly they moved over to the light table to bring attention to detail of the dragon wings, so the children could compare/contrast what parts dragonflies have that humans do not.


As that was being discussed the children also began learning the correct vocabulary for the parts of the dragofly-HEAD, HIND WINGS, FORE WINGS, THORAX, AND ABDOMEN.


To help furterher this exploration and allow the children to use their imagination, Mrs. Marjon presented small groups of children with a video of dragonflies flying in the sky. The size of their wings and structure was discussed.



The question asked was,  “If you had dragonfly wings where would you go? Where would they take you?

“My wings will take me to the river so I can fly over it and I would feel like a plane.” -Lucas, Age 4.


“My wings would take me to the forest so I can see bunnies!” -Lexi, Age 40917151017a-1

This is a project that will continue for the next few weeks until all of the students illustrate the idea of having dragon fly wings! Stay tuned, we cant wait to see where this takes us…. :)

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