House Room Beets

For one of our Friday food explorations, the children investigated beets. The children tasted, touched, smelled, and sliced the beets with a plastic knife. Some children approved the taste while others did not. Food is used in our curriculum daily, to provide opportunities for children to experience a wide range of foods.


Some observations comparing the red beets to the golden beets were:

“The orange was in the gold beet they look like carrot beets. But the red beets were inside the red beets and there were 3 lines.”

“They fall from trees.”

“It looks like pineapple inside the golden beet.”

Golden beets- “carrot beets” (as a whole) after slicing the golden beets the inside looked like pineapples.


Red beets reminded the children of strawberries and the leaves from the beets reminded them of lettuce. The following week we brought in lettuce, pineapple, and carrots to compare. The children came to the conclusion that they were all different and not the same because when they compared the fruits and vegetable this is what they found: the fruits and vegetables didn’t taste the same and they didn’t look the same. Some tasted good and some tasted bad. The children were very eager to eat everything!



As the children used their senses to explore the beets, the provocation allowed them to be independent. As they cut the beets they strengthened their fine motor skills, engaging the children to further explore the beets on their own.  This may be a small lesson in itself at first glance, but it was highly valuable for the children to learn in this environment that they were able to use their hands as a means to explore their individual curiosities triggered from their senses.

Stay tuned for the continuation of our exploration with beets!


“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” –Benjamin Franklin

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