Food As A Language:Eggs

In every classroom of our school, from infants to elementary, our children use food as a language every week.  We believe in the importance of educating our children in the nutritional, science, and any other aspect of food that we can.  The teachers, inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, are commited to providing opportunities for children to guide them in developing life skills that will ultimately lead them in the direction of good health.

We encourage everyone to watch: 4Ted Talk, Jamie Oliver:Teach Every Child About Food ( At the 2:11 mark Jamie explains something very shocking that all of us should hear and take to heart. The video is a very frank discussion of how the children of this day and age don’t know what whole food is and at the same time are over-dosing on sugar. Our goal is one of Jamie’s goals: teaching children to cook ten meals independently that aren’t made from ingredients, but are made from whole food. We purposely chose brown rice and discussed what a whole grain is. We purposely chose to include vegetables. We purposely chose real butter because it doesn’t contain a list of ingredients and preservatives, just organic cream. We purposely chose eggs, an excellent source of protein. Another one of our goals is for our students to become responsible for what they eat by learning about ingredients vs whole foods.
The link provided shows what the children experienced, where they experiece a dying art in our country-cooking for themselves. We would like to point out the comfort level the children display when handling the spatula (sometimes two spatulas) in front of a hot griddle. At 3:20 you can take notice of the pride the children express and take notice to the mess the children are allowed to make.


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