Flower Observation

The provocation for this project provided the students with an opportunity to use observational skills when studying a flower, color identification, counting, and shape recognition.

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Children were presented with a live flower and asked to identify shapes and colors of each part of the flower. Once all the parts were identified the teachers provided the children with markers and green paper and had the children  draw the corresponding parts on each flower.

IMG_4296 IMG_4295

The majority of the children were able to identify their colors when asked. Furthermore, to develop the children’s fine motor skills, the teachers had them practice drawing circles for the petals and lines for the stem. Some children drew multiple circles fin order to represent the petals on the flower. Other children showed progression with their lines and continually drew them to represent the stem

Overall, the children understood exceptionally well when exploring color recognition, math skills and drawing shapes.  With more provocations , the children will have the opportunity to improve their fine motor skills and more complex scribbles will begin to emerge from their work.

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