Feather Paintbrush

IMG_0055    Rainbow rooms nature study changed direction when the children started exploring with feathers that they found outside  on the playground. To incorporate art while exploring the children were introduced to feathers tied together on a stick, mimicking a paintbrush.  In order to paint with the feathers, the children were supplied with large sheets of butcher papers and water color paint.


At first the children observed and looked around at the materials provided. After a few minutes they started to dip the feathers into the watercolor  and then smeared the paint onto butcher paper. The colors began to mix, creating a one of a kind abstract piece that the children created together.



The children were so intrigued by this provocation, they began mixing all the colors together in the containers to see what would happen! After they created a solid color and were happy with their product they began to paint with the “new” color they made.



The outcome was a unique piece of art focused on experimentation, cause and effect, and collaboration.

In addition this project was also aimed to refine their motor skills, practice color identification and build social skills.  We focused more on the process of art rather than the outcome.


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