Exploring Textures with Flour

On this day three containers were placed on the floor and filled with white flour. Before we could even give the children materials to use with the flour, they grabbed the animals and put them right in!  We followed their lead and placed the basket of animals near them to see what would happen next.

 A few of the children started to put the flour in the mouths of the animals while saying things like “It’s eating!” Some of the other children then took bugs and cars and placed them in the flour. Some of the children lined up the bugs in the flour, and others poured the flour in the backs of the cars.

Some of the children stood back and watched the children explore with the new material.  They weren’t so sure what to make of the whole situation!  But sure enough, as the others started to walk away there were a few that stayed to explore the flour some more and lasted there until it was luch time.

They had fun putting the flour in their hands and clapping. Watching the flour in the air was something that made the children giggle!  We made a mess, but it was worth all of the exploring different ways to use the flour.  We will continue to use the flour and give the children other materials to help the children explore changing the property of the flour. In the end the children enjoyed the new material and the many ways they were able to explore it.

These children LOVED this experience and explored even when all of the other children lost interest!  They stayed playing until lunch time.

  Lining the toys up. 

“Look!” “It’s eating!”
What is it? What to do? Carefully covering the animal with the flour.

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