Exploring Rhythm using Drums

Infants continue their exploration  of rhythm using drums.Rhythm is a very powerful tool when developed at a young age .


Upon entry, the children immediately noticed that drums were placed in the middle of the room. The children were very intrigued and ready  to explore the sounds they can create with several different materials.


Initially , the children hit the drums with only their hands. Clapping steadily while the children hit the drum surfaces allowed the children to begin understanding that each drum made a different sound.


A few of the children chose to introduce new materials to the exploration.  Using toy balls, the children  hit the drum hard or soft.


One child enjoyed hitting the drum  very softly with the plastic blue ball, while another enjoyed hitting the snare drum very hard with the rubbery yellow ball.



This exploration allowed the children to develop a cognitive skill known as beat induction which directly influences rhythm.

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