Exploring Rhythm using Drums

For the past two weeks, the elementary has begun exploring rhythms using only drums.  In order to help the students understand how music should be layered and arranged, we used only drums and no other instrument.  12242096_10208406492426343_1159066160_n 12243750_10208406487306215_1027831072_nBasic drums rhythms were created in Maschine to help guide the students to listen for the rhythm they need to match.  12244022_10208406492626348_251112365_n 12270150_10208406486266189_52090382_nMost of the students were successful in synchronizing with the rhythms they heard played by the speakers.  We began counting to the beat in order to understand how many times the drum should be hit.  The beats and the children loved the challenging rhythms.12270244_10208406486546196_1152047786_n By participating in a drumming experience, children can be working on attention, impulse control, and decision-making skills.  Next, we sat down in a circle and played “telephone” using the drum rather than our words. It was interesting to see how the rhythm initially started and how it ended once it made its way around the circle.
use 3 use 4Playing a drum or percussion instrument can be a useful way to communicate none verbally and to listen to another person’s nonverbal communication.  Rhythmic pattern is one of the most important elements of music and typically the initial layer in the majority of songs.

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