Exploring Reflections

Children in rainbow room had a provocation ready for them as they entered the hallway at the light table with individual mirrors to explore. Without any instruction, the majority of the students began pointing at their facial features in the mirrors.

IMG_6329 IMG_6352


The teachers used this as an opportunity to identify all of their facial features and allow the students to teach each other.  Counting, arrangement , location, and color were all addressed in this exploration.  Later each student was given a marker and invited to draw on the mirror.  This medium was introduced in order  for the teachers to see if after identifying their facial features if their marks would become more purposeful.

IMG_6348 IMG_6342

Would their scribbles be created on top of a feature in order to represent it?


To the teachers surprise, their scribbles were very controlled and placed in smaller areas, over reflections of their eyes, nose, and mouth.  The concentration and control over their marks can be seen in the images above.


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