Exploring Motion with Paint and Trains

Recently, the children have been exploring the motion of trains. We set out a long sheet of butcher paper and dabs of tempera paint on the sides. Leaving the trains in the middle, each child grabbed a train dipped in the paint and started going around the table in a path.


As the children prepared to go around the leader of the circle went “ALL ABOARD!” As they continued around the train track they started yelling “choochoo” and they would focus their attention on each other as they said it.



The children developed observational skills when they noticed the train left a trail of paint behind.  Soon enough the children had created their very own train track! We wanted the children to visualize the motion of the train in a way that incorporated art; amongst the project the children explored with color mixing.


In this provocation the children demonstrated their understanding of cause and effect by dipping the trains in paint and changing the direction of force by pushing the trains forward creating colorful tracks. This concept serves as an asset for each child already because there are many intellectual benefits that come with this idea. The children utilized scientific skill by using their senses to observe the results of their exploration while creating new colors. Through out the process the children used their peers as fellow learners and in doing so were engaged in learning and strengthening their communication skills. The element of making sounds enriched the experience further; the children were using sound as a reinforcement to communicate with their peers and also indicated their ability to communicate their sense of imagination with the teachers. All of these qualities exemplify the creative, intellectual, friendly students in our safe and educational environment at Little Wonders Learning Center!

“Play is the highest form of research.”

                                  -Albert Einstein



Young Children Exploring Motion



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