Exploring Hair

One week our children had some time to play with ears of corn and yellow paint in the classroom. This prompted one of the children to say that, “the strings off of the ear of corn was the corn’s hair.”  After this comment we wanted to extend the corn study and begin an investigation on hair.


The materials used in this project were pictures of hair from magazines, glue, and chalk crayons. The children were given the pictures of different types of hair to look at and explore. The children noted the differences of color in each of the pictures. Some children said it was their mommy and daddy’s hair. The teacher also went over length of hair with the children and the vocabulary words for the week, long and short.

The children then picked their favorite pieces of hair and were given glue bottles to paste with. They were also given white sheets of paper to glue said pieces on them. Once they glued the pieces on the paper they were handed chalk like crayons to go ahead and draw what they thought hair looked like. Some children called out the names of the colors they were using to draw.

This project let the children see just how many different hairstyles there are. It also let the children see the differences in length, practice their vocabulary words and colors too. By examining and observing different types of hair the children made associations to people in their lives and strengthening self-awareness. This demonstrated their understanding of an abstract concept and their ability to make connections on a deeper and personal level. In doing so this will help the children retain more information efficiently from past, present and future learning experiences!


“There is no such thing as an ordinary human.”



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