Exploring Familiar Materials In A Different Way

This picture captures the moment when our children walk into an unexpected provocation!

We purposefully create invitations in our classroom to encourage the children to come and investigate.  It is through this investigation that creativity and curiosity thrives, which will in turn prepare our children for the complex thinking in the future.


It is interesting to watch and see which children jump right in without hesitation, and which children are not comfortable with the new experience.  It is something we watch in hopes that the children who are hesitant, may become comfortable with an unfamiliar experience after time.



It was a new experience with familiar materials.  The children use the rollers with play-dough, but not yet with paint.  String was glued to the rollers to produce impressions in the paint.

They stayed engaged in the activity as they rolled the yellow and blue paint to create green.  The experience taught the children all they needed to learn, even with out a teacher.  They were able to explore using their senses, and collaborate with each other.


IMG_0699 IMG_0698 IMG_0696 IMG_0695 IMG_0689
IMG_0690 IMG_0691This activity was lead by the environment, which in the Reggio Emilia philosophy, is one of the fundamentals of the values and principles with in the philosophy.  The environment is considered a teacher, and teachers organize spaces that support the engagement of small groups.
IMG_0693 IMG_0688 IMG_0686

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