Exploring Color with Rice

One day the children explored their sensory skills as they played with different colored rice. We used red, blue, yellow, and purple rice mixed together. They were provided with brushes so they could create lines and circles with the rice on top of the light table.



One child was highly curious about the rice and when he took a closer look at it and began to use his hands to move the rice grains back and forth.  Another child used his brush to see the foil that was under the rice and as he did that he would look up and smile in excitement at his discovery. They also used the brush to move the rice out of the way and then they would say the particular color they touched. As the children were learning the colors they were working on their sensory and motor skills with the brushes too.


Once the children felt like they explored enough with a paintbrush they set it down and began using their hands!  They used their hands to move the rice and would watch it splash out of the container. They would also dip their hands in the rice and just feel they soft texture of it. Even just running their fingers through the rice can sooth any insecurities the child may have.



This provocation served as an open-invitation to the children to use their senses to collect data. It encouraged the children to pursue personal inquiries and provided them with the self-confidence that they are bright and creative students. Learning is meant to be a natural and fun process that does not discourage students from making mistakes. This experience gave the children the opportunity to succeed because there was no right or wrong expected process and outcome for their play.


“All students can learn and succeed, but not on the same day in the same way.”

-William G. Spady


Reference and additional reading:

Why Sensory Play is Important


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