Exploring a trumpet

One day in music class, Miss. Tiffany introduced a new instrument and the children were absolutely amazed. We learned that the instrument was called a “trumpet” and we learned about the different parts associated with this musical instrument. One particular part we learned about were the values on a trumpet, something the children previously referred to as “buttons.” In addition, the children had an opportunity to feel the inside of the trumpet case and continued to comment on how soft it felt.

At the end of this activity, we were privileged enough to listen to the type of noise the trumpet makes. After the children heard the sound the trumpet makes, they came to the conclusion that a monster lives inside of it (ha!). We encouraged the students to look inside of the trumpet to find the monster, but they concluded that it was entirely too dark.

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A big part of the Reggio Emilia approach is that children are able to understand concepts easier and able to recall what they learned better when their senses are activated. Showing a picture of a trumpet is a much different experience than holding one and playing it. While music is a vibrant feature in Little Wonders, the main concept of music is to encourage discovery, not necessarily to focus on building musical skill. We’ve noticed that children hear music everywhere they go, whether we as adults realize it or not. They’ve discussed how the rain is music, the summer is music, and how the stars produce sound that adults can’t hear. Our goal is for the student to be musical rather than become musical. In order to do this, we encourage children to play with musical instruments, become familiar with them, and simply have fun. This activity was intended to allow them to introduce a new instrument, discuss new ideas related to the instrument, and inspire the children to touch, admire, play, and want to learn more about the trumpet, it’s sound, and other things that make a sound similar to the trumpet.

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