DIY Painting

As a provocation to explore texture, we provided the children with natural materials to use as paintbrushes.

unnamed (1)

unnamed (3)

Our children had the opportunity to discover the different textures, designs, and patterns that could be achieved through each style of paintbrush. The importance of playing with texture in early childhood helps develop problem solving, physical and social emotional skills. These are fabulous ways to encourage children to use their imagination and create a masterpiece through texture.

unnamed (4)


As the children came into the classroom the first thing they did was run to the table with excitement for the materials. They stamped the texture brushes in the paint and onto the white paper. The result was a beautiful composition. The used literary skills by communicating with their classmates by the repeating the different types of colors and texture materials.

By allowing the children to explore texture , they are able to learn about the world around them and build on their verbal communication as they learn to identify with these natural materials.

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