Dance Off

Occasionally the students and their parents bring in different items for the children to add to their dress up area. Recently, one of the bundle of items brought were a variety of costume dresses for the girls to play with. The children were so ecstatic about the new addition that they immediately began helping each other get dressed and decided to have a dance off! 


After the children finished putting on their costume dresses, they began pretending that they were on stage in front of a huge crowd. One of the girls began singing while two other girls followed in her direction. She began to yell things like “JUMP, UP, NOW DOWN, TWIRL, and TURN AROUND!” The entire classroom sat down and cheered on the girls, who loved performing in front of an audience.

IMG_1877 IMG_1878 IMG_1880 IMG_1882 IMG_1883

Imagination is more important than knowledge generally. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein

We believe play is important because it gives us insights on what the children are interested in and enables us to build curriculum and activities from those interests. Dramatic play and acting that these children were doing is at the core of the Reggio Emilia philosophy and it allows for a time of community sharing and provides an opportunity to celebrate individuality.

If you stand back and observe your child playing, you’ll notice a great deal of thinking and learning going on, as well as developmental advances. Through play, your child can experiment with ideas, build concepts and constructs, express feelings, and solve problems. Whether it’s imaginative or constructive play, your child is building important, fundamental skills that will last him or her a lifetime.

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