A Trip to Rosharon, Tx

This year’s summer program (A City for Wildlife) focused on the study of 3 birds. The goal behind this program was for the children to understand the purpose behind the project and why the title was named what i was.

All of the children participated with Farmer Mike in hatching the native birds and understanding the life cycle of these animals. We spent a lot of time understanding what a natural habitat was and the importance of conserving them in our ecosystem.

The older group went to Rosharon, Texas to participate in the release of Bob White Quail in its natural habitat.  The quail that we hatched in our school went to a surrogator that is placed in the natural habitat.  A surrogator serves as a “surrogate parent” by providing food, water, shelter and warmth for the first 4 to 5 weeks of the bird’s life.  Once the birds are old enough the door is opened and the birds can move in and out of the surrogator for about a week.  After a week, the door is closed and the birds live completely in the wild.

This was such a great experience for our children to be out in a place like this to see some uninhabited land, and to experience firsthand what it is like to be a part of nature and do something positive for our ecosystem.  Please watch and enjoy……..

Creating a City for Wildlife from Little Wonders Learning Center on Vimeo.

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