Color mixing

The children in the House Room have a special love for paint.  Paint is a strong language for these children.  They use paint to tell stories, to describe, and to reinforce academics.  Because we see the value in this experience, we provide provocations to extend this learning.

To further our study of color mixing, we provided a provocation of lids with paint.  The children were free to mix colors in which ever way they wanted.

Photo Sep 15, 8 16 48 AMAs they began working, they started making connections to the colors.  The following is some of the conversation that was documented:

Photo Sep 15, 8 19 01 AM

“Mine is a red shiny”

“Mine is a dirty shiny”

“Mine is a new shiny”

“I make my mommy”

“I’m making a yellow green one”

“I’m making a creek”

Photo Sep 15, 8 20 21 AM

Photo Sep 15, 8 19 26 AM

When we analyze what the children were saying, it is clear that they were using the colors to describe.  Opportunities like this have really helped increase their vocabulary, and use of it.

This provocation has helped the children visit many avenues of academics within one experience.  They have the science and math experience of color mixing, which involves color theory and understanding quantities and volume of color.  Language arts was reinforced with story-telling, describing, and communicating their experiences.  Creativity was strengthened as they explored, and this is extremely valuable at our school.  We believe creativity is just as important as any other academic skill.

Photo Sep 15, 8 30 47 AM

We want our children to be excited about learning and observe all possibilities.  When they have experiences like these it opens up an opportunity for them to learn about things in a creative way.  They are able to use materials for all subjects rather than just one.  Paint is not just for art – it now became a way to understand concepts in math, science, language arts, etc.

“The Art of Teaching is the Art of Assisting Discovery” – Mark Van Doren

Photo Sep 15, 8 30 56 AM Photo Sep 15, 8 31 06 AM Photo Sep 15, 8 31 16 AM Photo Sep 15, 11 56 06 AM

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