Class Update

We are so incredibly proud of the children! Class time is becoming very calm (of course we have our days where there is some chaos), but we are impressed with how busy they are! The children have been moving from station to station with such intent and focus and really using every area to research and increase their knowledge of the materials and how to use them.

We are thoroughly impressed by the children’s attention spans. Whether they use play dough, markers, paint or blocks, they are spending more time using the materials to create. Creativity is the highest level of intelligence, and we believe that it is just as important as learning how to read and write.

We have recently started to use video as a form of documentation. I’ve put together some of the clips from our “atelier visits” (art studio visits). These clips show how our children intentionally make specific marks on their papers on purpose. They are becoming familiar with how to use the markers and other writing materials, which hand they want to use, and how to create the marks they want.

This video could have been so much longer, but we chose clips to show how impressive our toddlers are! While every child visits the atelier weekly, some children may not have been in the video, and that is only because these clips are from one or two days, and certain times of the day.

Please enjoy this video and see how long and focused our AMAZING children work. Notice how they are paying attention to the marks they make and how some of the children move materials away so that they can make their marks. Moreover, the children close their markers when they are done, and they are communicating while they work.┬áJust wait and see what their future has in store :)┬áThank you for all of your support! – Maryam

Toddlers Writing from Little Wonders Learning Center on Vimeo.

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