Color Mixing

The children have been mixing paint to create new colors. Every morning we make new paint for our easels and during this time the children often ask us what colors we can mix to make different colors. Given their increased interest in colors and mixing colors, we took this opportunity to encourage the children to explore the art of color mixing!

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Food as a Language: Pizza


During this week’s food exploration, the children were asked if they wanted to make something sweet (like the food explorations we have done in the past) or make something salty. We have been discussing different tastes with the children (salty, sweet, bitter, savory), so this served as a continuation of our discussion. The majority of the students wanted to make a salty food, then as a group, the students decided on pizza.

At the beginning of our food exploration, the students were first asked to describe each material and what order they should be used in. After discussing, the children drew each step, and then we counted how many steps it would take to make our pizza. Discussing the planning and process of making a pizza is important so that each child feels empowered that their voice is heard and helps to further their understanding of the topic by speaking about it out loud (and hearing their peers speak about the topic at hand). Continue reading

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Light Table Building

We released our inner architects and the children used translucent builders to create 3D shapes and objects. This project provided the children an opportunity to learn how connecting 2-dimensional shapes can create 3-dimensional objects. Often times, schools will try to teach about 3-dimensional objects with a paper and pen (on a 2-dimensional medium) which can increase the difficulty and abstractness of the concept. By providing children with translucent builders, this abstract concept was taught in a fun and realistic way. The children were able to physically touch, hold, and see how a 2-dimensional shape can become a 3-dimensional object. It was a great opportunity to highlight the children’s creativity and let them exercise their imaginations.

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Making Patterns

The ability to identify “what comes next” in the rhythm of a song, a group of numbers or a daily routine is rooted in the understanding of patterns. Learning how to predict or create a pattern is an important tool that helps allow individuals to makes sense of the world around them.

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Using Loose Parts to Create Dragonflies

The exploration of dragonflies continues! The students were invited to build a dragonfly by using loose parts.
IMG_7759 IMG_7762

Loose parts inspire children to use their imagination and creativity on their own terms and in a unique way. Loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways.



It can be used alone or combined with other materials. There is no set of specific directions for materials that are considered loose parts. The child is the direction.


This provocation was provided so we could allow the children to be creative and innovative, which we believe is just as essential to learn as reading and writing. We encourage the children to experiment and engage.


Children  created their own version of dragonflies and used the loose parts as a “tool” to describe the various parts.  They created a unique representation  of a dragonfly by using their own creativity and individuality. Their were no two pieces that were alike and majority were used as different parts for different purposes.


The link below shares some information about the theory of loose parts:

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