Learning how to measure

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One of the students decided he wanted to use tape to play. As he was exploring it, he placed a long piece on the table. The teacher asked him if he wanted to measure how long the piece of tape was, so they went to the art studio to retrieve the measuring tape.

All of the children loved exploring the measuring tape and learning about the tool. Continue reading

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A letter for my Dad

One of the children in the Summer school program was telling the classroom about how her dad was out of town. Since she expressed how she missed him, the teacher offered her an opportunity to send him a message.  They came up with the idea to draw him a picture and an organic learning experience soon followed.

Continue reading

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Learning through our friends

Our Pre-Kindergarten students began a project on bridges when a couple of children started playing with the blocks in our classroom.

As the project progressed, the children learned different parts of a bridge and we encouraged them to use a different medium in addition to the building blocks, so they began to use a dry erase board to make their own personal bridges. As the teachers guided and participated, they noticed that one of the older children helped a younger student create a bridge. Continue reading

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Using Loose Parts

We believe in providing our children with many different materials that are considered “loose parts” because this opens a door to creativity and imagination. Children are able to create things out of loose parts that us as adults would never think of and this creates  opportunities to learn in so many different ways.

In a preschool, loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried,combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. Continue reading

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Making Bridges

 The students in the wonderland classroom have been currently doing a study on bridges. This project began a month back from the students building in  the block area.  We have began taking a closer look at bridges to learn what a bridge entails and learn about the different parts of a bridge.

Research shows that there are several stages of block play.  Right now our students are showing skills found in Stage 6 of block play where they work cooperatively to build a structure, deciding in advance what the will build. They build their structures to look much like what they have planned in advance.   Continue reading

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