Dragon play

After our Legend of Dragon Fruit project started, the children began bringing in loads of dragon figurines, books, and toys. One day at the play dough table, the children stretched the play dough across the entire table. When we asked them what they were making, the children said “a dragon!”

We continued to observe them create the play dough dragon. At one point, we encouraged the children to use loose parts for the details of the dragon. The loose parts soon became the dragon’s spikes, eyes, fire, and more. The image below shows the edge of the “blue dragon” and his face, completed with rocks for eyes! (The close up of the white play dough around the blue play dough is the dragon’s wings.) At one point, one child made her own dragon with red play dough. At one point, she ran out of the play dough and began lining up small rocks to connect the “circle” (the circle represents her dragon). Her ability to problem solve, innovate, and communicate her thoughts and ideas was incredible! We kept her dragon on the table as a provocation to continue this work, and the next day the children worked together to make the multicolored dragon expand across the length of the table.

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Edible vs. Non-Edible Seeds

Our edible vs. non-edible leaf project has evolved into an edible vs. non-edible seed project! (To read our previous post about edible vs. non-edible leaves, click here.)

The parents have helped us so much by donating various fruits and vegetables every day. The children have been investigating these fruits, and the project evolved when the children began discussing why you can eat some seeds and not others. One child even said, “if it’s soft, you can eat it… but you can also eat pumpkin seeds because you cook them!”

Our goal with this project is for the children to locate the seeds within the fruit, use play dough and loose parts to recreate the fruit or vegetable to demonstrate where the seeds are located, to investigate which seeds are edible, and to plant the seeds! Continue reading

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Lego Mosaics

The children are big fans of Legos, so much so that they could easily spend the entire day playing with the small parts and never run out of ideas and opportunities to create!

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 6.20.43 PM

We have a mosaic area with tiles in a special section at Little Wonders that the children are encouraged to explore with. One day we brought the children and the Legos to this inspiring are to spur creativity. Continue reading

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Pineapple Project

One of the students recently brought a pineapple to class! The pineapple was a massive chunk of fruit and it immediately captured the children’s attention. Based on their interests, we developed an activity around the pineapple!

To give each child a chance to explore the fruit, we set the pineapple in the middle of the table and we all took a seat around the table.  From there, the children discussed what a pineapple looks like, how it tastes, the size, the texture, where it grows and how it grows. From this, the children began debating on the topic of where pineapples grow. Continue reading

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Pumpkin Seeds

One of the parents brought pumpkin to class one day and the children loved it! They became fascinated with the seeds and what else is inside a pumpkin. To feed off this fascination and encourage their curiosity, we cut the pumpkin open and found many seeds and some gooey “orange stuff.” One of the children informed her friend that this was called the “guts.”

After observing and feeling the mush, we collected all of the seeds and saved them in a bowl. The pumpkin we cut open was rather small, so the children wanted to count how many seeds were in the pumpkin. While counting the seeds, the children discussed what we could make with pumpkin seeds. This sparked a discussion on pumpkin pie and the ingredients used to make it! 

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