Decorating the Christmas Tree

This year, as we celebrated the holidays, we decorated the Christmas tree all by ourselves. We chose every decoration and made sure every space was covered. It was fun for us to work together, as the close, little family that we have become.

The finished tree. ;0)

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A Bunch of Blocks

Every so often we become more interested in something particular in the room. We tend to play with it the most, and find different ways to use it. We let our imaginations run wild with that certain something. This time it was our blocks, and we wanted to use them to build places for our animals. Then, we saw how high we could stack them.

Building blocks teach many fundamental skills, such as:

• How to follow directions
• How to sort by shape, size, and color
• How to count
• Fine motor skills
• Hand-eye coordination
• Creativity and use of imagination
• Problem-solving skills
• Sharing, and also individual play

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Scissors and Tape

One day we were watching our teacher post our artwork on the wall. We noticed that she was using scissors and tape. So of course our curiosity got to us, and we were wondering how those materials worked. At the same time that we were observing our teacher, she was also observing us.

These observations were shared with the parents of the class, and our class "homework assignment" was to bring in tape for the next week. Each child brought in tape of different colors and textures! The teachers arranged the materials on one of our art tables. It was full of tape and scissors, and we were free to do whatever our hearts desired! Everyday since, we have been learning how to hold the scissors and successfully cut paper and now even tape! Now we have learned another method of making art. We have started cutting certain colors of tape and placing them on paper to make pictures.

He tends to panic when the tape gets stuck. : )

I'm an expert at this! ; )
So how does this work? : )

White, green, white, green… This is my pattern!

This accessory goes great with my shirt!

Look at the headband I made!
I think he needs a headband too!

I take my work serious!

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Artwork Inspired by Our Classroom Fish

We have recently had new editions to our classroom. They are our four fish friends that are all named after their colors. We took our fish to the hallway.  We sat with our art materials and books about fish.  As we read, we used the art materials to make pictures inspired by the lesson on fish. We even got to use materials from the art studio such as oil pastels and water colors!  Lucky us ;0)  This project not only taught us about the fish but also allowed us to familiarize ourselves withthe materials from the art studio. We have learned to feed the fish "A LITTLE BIT" of food Our finished work!by Zoey by Emettby Alexanderby Avenby Loganby Loganby Alenaby Jake
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Cookin’ in the Kitchen

We have recently changed our play house area and we love it! It now has more of a realistic feel to it. We have a stove, sink, refrigerator, and even a window with a picture of a castle on the wall. We even have real dishes and recycled containers from real food products.  All day long we are pretending to cook, wash dishes, and serve food. Do we need eggs for this recipe? Wow the boys are washing dishes! Serving everyone tea. Making sure the baby eats too!Salt anyone?
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