Snowflakes and Snowmen

We are reading so many different books about winter. So far our favorite book is Millions of Snowflakes by Mary McKenna Siddals.We love to count along with the book, and copy all of the things the book talks about! We all sat down to paint SNOWMEN! We each chose our colors and practiced making "circles"!When we were done painting, we used yarn to make "mouths" and glued eyes on our snowmen! Our masterpiece will be hanging in the hallway this week! ;
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vote, vote, vote

I have great news! Mikayla and Ella have been chosen as final contestants for the costume contest from Kiwi Magazine!

Please, please, please take a couple of seconds out of your time to go on the following site and vote for the girls!

They are choosing three girls, so please go on the site twice so that you can vote for each one once so that both of them will win!
Yea! We are so excited for them!


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Lets see what we can do with these…………….They are great for putting things in………….You can even dump stuff out and pour them in another………….We can count them and tell you what colors they are………………….When you have had a hard day, they are great for sitting and resting on……………………..Ah ha! The funnest thing is wearing them as hats!!!!!!! But after a while, CamRen let us all know that we needed to wear the "real" hats, not the bowls as hats! ;
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The International Winter Festival

Our International Winter Festival will be held on December 18th at 3:00 pm.
Ice Express will be there to blow 10,000 pounds of snow for the children to play in! We will also have our "Taste of Food From Around the World".
Parents, please check your email, or look by the check in computer for a letter with more details on the festival!
If you have questions, feel free to ask Maryam!


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Our Neighborhood

We all sat together and started drawing…………….Luke started talking about houses. The children started talking about different colored houses, and before you knew it, we were all drawing houses. We brought in a big piece of paper and the children glued the houses on it. Next we made "streets" so that we could get from house to house! We used blue, green, yellow and red tape. Some of the streets wound up on the walls But in the end, we made a very "kid friendly neighborhood"!!!!!!!!!!!
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