Apple Printing

The children have showed a liking for apples during their snack time, because of this we set up a provocation for the children to do some apple printing.


They decoratively set up a table with white paper and red paint on top of half sliced apples. The children immediately came to investigate and started spreading the paint around the paper with apples.

KIMG0035 KIMG0034 KIMG0036

They dabbed the apples around the paper, and impressions of apples soon covered the paper.

KIMG0037 KIMG0040 KIMG0041 KIMG0043 KIMG0046 KIMG0044

This provocation offered the children a sensory experience strengthening their fine motor skills. The children showed such a great interest in working with the food as a language. We will continue using food as a provocation.


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Foam Exploration

In this provocation the children were given pieces of foam in different sizes and shapes with plastic neon sticks. The children had shown a great interest in using these sticks in play dough play once before, so the teacher wanted to give the children another form of similar exploration.

Photo Sep 25, 10 28 56 AM

They were very curious of the foam on the table and were quick to come and investigate. Ati first the felt its texture by rubbing their hands on it and then began hitting on it with the neon sticks in an effort to puncture through it. Each child showed the desire to succeed in piercing through the foam with the stick and it seemed to be the only goal among them as they each watched on another.

Photo Sep 25, 10 27 01 AM

Photo Sep 25, 10 32 15 AM

Photo Sep 25, 10 35 43 AM

One child, however did something very different from the rest. He stayed with the same piece of foam and continued to observe his own work very closely. In seeing that he was not making no head way by simply hitting the same area repeatedly, he began to use his fingers to get the job done. He was able to problem solve! By using his fingers to chip away pieces of the foam to make a deeper hole and dig out the center of it, he was able to insert the neon stick and push it in deep enough where it was able to stand on it’s own. Once this was achieved, the boy laughed and smiled, giving a hug to his teacher who stood by him watching. It was a great moment of achievement for him.


Photo Sep 25, 10 37 21 AM

Photo Sep 25, 10 29 01 AM

Photo Sep 25, 10 38 43 AM

This sensory provocation benefited the children in strengthening their fine motor skills and allowed them to sharpen their problem solving and decision making skills as well. Our goal in developing curriculum is to make sure their is an element of creativity. We believe creativity is just as important as learning how to read and write.



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Basic Scribbles

The children in this class have been exposed to writing materials on a daily basis.  If they were here since infancy, they have the same experience.
IMG_0704 IMG_0705
What we are finding is that our children make the connection at an earlier age of what they are capable of doing with certain materials.  They have moved from the point of exploring with the materials, to understanding that they are “leaving marks”.  It is this realization that helps children begin the writing process, in which they begin to explore creating different “scribbles”.
At this age, they enjoy taking the tops off and putting them back on, or feeling the tip of the marker and realizing that they can make marks on their bodies as well.  This type of exploring is incredibly important in our eyes
We are witnessing the children understanding the functions of the materials as well.  Feeling the top of the marker is important for the child, it is how they begin to understand that this is the only part of the marker that can make a mark.  We adults can take for granted that the tops of the markers can easily be placed on the marker, but for children this age……… is a challenge!  They have to focus, have good eye/hand coordination, and it is a great opportunity to incorporate color identification as they put the correct top to the marker.
They take joy in watching their friends next to them explore writing, and it makes the rest of the children engage more.  They may draw with more than one marker at a time, with two hands, etc.  This helps the children begin to feel more comfortable with what hand they will write with as they get older.
This is an open-ended process where they have the freedom to explore many learning opportunities in something we could possibly see as so simple – markers and paper!
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Yellow Exploration

This project focused on sensory play exploration with the color yellow. We wanted the children to experience and explore yellow in a different way with their hands and eyes. For this provocation we used yellow food coloring, water, and yellow objects in the water for the children to interact with outside.
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Exploring Color with Rice

One day the children explored their sensory skills as they played with different colored rice. We used red, blue, yellow, and purple rice mixed together. They were provided with brushes so they could create lines and circles with the rice on top of the light table. Continue reading

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