Holiday Inspired Art

Lately we have been getting into the holiday spirit and putting it in our artwork. We have done so many activities from making ornaments, painting, using tissue paper and markers to make art pieces.














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Our Light Show

We were recently introduced to our light table and projector that is now in the hallway. It was exciting for us to see how the light table made the colors look. We also had fun watching the shapes and colors being projected on to the wall.

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And Then There Was Light!

We like to go in the hallway to look at the mirrors and butterflies on the walls. We went in the hallway and we found flashlights! How fun! We experimented with them for a while by putting them in our faces and pointing them at the ceilings and walls. Then the lights were turned off and we were mesmerized by the reflection of the lights on the mirrors and the way flashlights work.


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Brush Strokes

We were given fun new brushes to explore painting!

Hmmm… did take us a while to feel comfortable with these interesting brushes…….

Some of us were not quite sure about the paint!

On the other hand, some of us dove right in without a problem

"Yea, I am not really liking the paint!" lol;o)

But that was not the case for the rest of us! We painted and made a beautiful piece…….

One of us even painted his hair! ;0)

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Piles and Shredded of Paper

We were given shredded paper to play with and loved the idea of making a mess. Some of us decided to sit in it and others to throw it. It was fun, fun, fun!!!




I found my shoe! : )

What is this stuff?

What do I do with it?

Uh Oh is this my mess?

I am done with the paper, I like these buckets more! : )

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