Cooking with play dough

We recently gave the children different spices and herbs to place in play dough. Then we used the play dough to “cook” their ingredients. One particular student made coffee and spent the entire morning making many different things for her friends. Once her friends saw her creating a “home atmosphere” with dinner and food preparations, the rest of the classroom wanted to join in and help. It turned into the role of a family and they pretended to act like they were at home. They even tried to tell time and discussed the concept when it was time to eat! One child in particular began in this area on her own and as they observed what she was doing, they related and all joined in and played very well with one another.

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Mirror Project

During class one day we provided the children with markers on top of a mirrored table and asked them to draw their facial features. Since the mirror was right above them, the children were able to take a closer look at their facial features and draw at the same time. While drawing, the children discussed numbers, orientation, and size in comparison to their face, eyes, nose, mouths, lips, and eyebrows. The children laughed and giggled as they discussed whose hair was brown or yellow and who had the same color eyes. The children were able to draw their nose, mouth, eyes, ears, and each child signed their names beneath their drawings.

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Bearded Dragon Crickets

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We recently completed a cricket investigation with the Preschool class. One day, the teachers had an idea to ordered Bearded Dragon Crickets in the mail to add another dimension to our study on dragons. Once the crickets arrived, the children had an opportunity to observe the crickets eat. After discussing what was happening, how the crickets ate, how they’re related to dragons, why they’re named this name, and what kind of teeth crickets have, the children began drawing the crickets. Continue reading

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Learning From our Friends

Two classmates created this beautiful collaborative art piece. As the two friends painted, one of the children would count every brushstroke he made while the other child would repeat every word he said. After the first child counted to the number 15, he started singing his ABC’s. Again, the second child started repeating the first. With the teachers working together with them, they worked their way through the entire alphabet and started counting all over again! This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to work together to each a friend and to reinforce their own knowledge. The second child had the opportunity to be taught by his friend and he enjoyed every part of it! Continue reading

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Exploring Lollipops

One morning the children were exploring with play dough and various sized sticks. One student created a lollipop out of the play dough and stick, and the other children saw this and began creating the same thing. To encourage the study and for them to express their knowledge in a different way, the teachers arranged photos of lollipops, included with a sheet of paper with numbers listed on it, and markers. The children excitedly embraced the new materials and began drawing lollipops with the markers and tracing the outline of the numbers. The class also began discussing the characteristics of a lollipop (sweet, red, green, sugary, hard, round) and counting the numbers out loud.

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