Cookie Delivery & Jungles!

We have a delivery for the mailman!!
This student made a package in the block area out of blocks and Styrofoam!

She told me, " I made a package with cookies in them because I'm delivering these packages to some body's house because they LOVE cookies!"

She went to the dress up/cooking area to make cookies to put in a package…

stirring and than baking them..

I asked her how many cookies she baked? she responded, "15"

We counted how many cookies, drew them, and cut them out.

After doing all this..we figured out some more details! What kind of cookies? -Silly sweet hot cookies Who are we sending it to? -mommy and daddy After all the preparations, she placed all of her well done cookies in an envelope to mail out! She can not wait for her parents to receive her special gift!

A lot of the children's projects are being inspired by their new and improved cooking and dress up area!
As Mila, Raina, Natalia and Ryan were playing in the dress up area, we asked them what they were doing…they responded,"
"We have to go to the jungle"
We asked more questions:
How are we going to get there?
"were going to fly."
What are we going to do when we get there?
"put on our swimsuits and start swimming."
What is in a jungle? "sharks,whales,and fish" What animals do you think live in a jungle? "monkeys, elephants and giraffes." After this group discussion we looked at pictures of a jungle where we saw soooo many plants and trees! We loved seeing all the green trees, sun and big rocks.We practiced counting how many branches we saw in the picture along with trying to sound out the letters in the word, JUNGLE. The J and G did confuse us a little, but we are learning!

We created our own pictures of the jungle!!

"Trees in the Jungle" -Ereeni

"Lots of Trees"-Natalia"

"Plants and a rock" -Raina

"Elephant from the Jungle " – Amanda

"Spiders in the Jungle" -Natalia

“People in the Jungle” -Mila

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Art Sculpture made out of Paper!

The students LOVE to cut paper!

So instead of throwing the paper in the trash, we started to collect all of it and put it all in a container!

After collecting a good amount of paper the children cut, we pulled it all out and counted how many different colors we had. We counted 8 DIFFERENT COLORS! Ella then decided she wanted to make a pattern out of the colors, so we began organizing all the colors to begin a pattern. We have used the paper to practice one to one correspondence, number recognition, and patterns.

We wanted to do something new with the paper, so we put in a wooden structure that was saved from a previous project.

The children started gluing the paper on the wooden piece, and right before our eyes it was turning into an art piece.
We are keeping it in our room for the children to work on as the days continue.
We are excited to see what the children make of it.

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Fall Activities

The children in this classroom have been working on many different fall activities! We have been talking about the fall, what crops grow, and what lives in the garden to scare away the crows!? We all knew scarecrows scare the birds away, so we got right to work making some…..

Some of us drew what we wanted our scare crow to look like and others had many different materials they experimented with before they decided what they would actually use to make their scare crow!

They created many different kinds of scarecrows out of many different things!

We used materials like cardboard, hay, strings, fabrics and etc…

By: Ereeni

By: Ereeni & Devyn

By: Raina

Another thing we were talking about were bats! We talked about how bats were black and had wings and came out in the fall!! We thought with just the right materials we could create our very own BATS! We used tissue rolls, black tape and some black mesh.

By: Aidan

By: Devyn & Natalia

We also created some fall pictures of, pumpkins and scarecrows since we have been so interested in these things !

"2 eyes for my pumpkin!"

"Pumpkin" By: Mila

"Fall leaves" By: Ryan

"Scarecrow" By: Aidan

By: Aidan

By Raina

We have also started talking about spiders. Some of our art is hanging in the classroom. Amanda made "A spider eating an ant.

Ryan made "A snake biting a spider."

Our scarecrows are keeping our garden safe from the birds outside!

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Our Birthday Party!

FINALLY ! The day of our Birthday Party has arrived and we had so many last minute things to do! What a busy day we had…
We got right into making our cupcakes!
First we added oil into our mix… After adding all the ingredients we all took turns stirring the batter to make sure it was smooth! Than we were onto the next batch, Vanilla! We loved counting how many baking cups we needed. Scooping the batter into the baking cups was a tricky task for us, but we all did it to make sure they were filled up just right! After we put the cupcakes in the oven to bake, it was time to add lots and lots of candy to our pinatas, this was the best part seeing all the candy!! We did a very good job making sure they were stuffed! Our beautiful cupcakes baked and decorated…Our Pinata,decorated and filled…
In the afternoon we went out in the hallway to start decorating for our birthday party.. Everyone knew exactly where they wanted their decorations.. We had to have red and blue hanging from the wall Our brown piece of paper, with strings and balloons!

Ready for our Birthday Party!!!We had soooo many treats… Our birthday card we made and signed! We all took turns trying to break open our pinatas! We tried and tried until finally we got a little hole in their where one of the students used the help of the bat to break open the rest!Candy Everywhere!! Enjoying our yummy treats!
What a success our birthday party was and who would have thought it would have turned into this because of a conversation we kept having that involved:

  • 1 napkin
  • A big piece of brown paper
  • Some string
  • A Pinata
  • A Birthday Card
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Making A Spaceship

For the last few days Ryan has been talking about spaceships and how he would like to go to Chuck-E-Cheese in his spaceship! He started out by first building one out of the big blocks and sticks! All the children hopped in to go for a ride!!After he created that one, we set out lots of different materials the children could possibly use to make their very own spaceship. We also provided them with a few different pictures of spaceships. While some of the students put some of the pieces together, the other ones wanted to draw their own and cut it out! We looked at the pictures to talk about what we saw, we also looked at the shapes on everything.. We used the black pieces for windows all across it…Some students even made their own mini spaceship and preferred certain colors over others! We also used the CD's as windows.. After making it, we practiced writing the word, "SPACESHIP"and this is what the children created!The tape rolls on the bottom is where the fire comes out from.

The little blue circles are where the people go in from.
The Popsicle stick in the front is the computer board that is used inside the space ship.
The tubes on the side are the tanks.


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