Happy Holidays!

Everyone at Little Wonders wishes all of our friends and family Happy Holidays!
Thank you to all of the parents and friends of our parents for making our Winter Festival a huge success!

We should have a slide show of the pictures soon! Just as a reminder, Little Wonders will be closed Friday, December 24th, Monday the 27th, and Friday the 31st.  We are looking forward to a wonderful new year!

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Little Wonders International Festival

“A snowflake from the North Pole”
by Kaelynn

Our International Festival will begin at 3:00 p.m.,
Friday, December 17th! 
All family and friends are welcome to join the festivities!

To kick off the Festival, the children of Little Wonders will perform holiday songs!
Toddler 1 through PreK classes will all be part of the performance!  This is a show you do not want to miss!  Please dress your child in the colors red, white, green or black.
10,000 pounds of snow have been ordered from the North Pole! 

Please bring gloves, snow boots, extra pants, socks, a shirt, and shoes for your child.  For more information on the snow party and their rules click on the following link…….

Our snow fund raiser is going on every morning in the hallway.  Breakfast and ornaments have been provided by the children and parents to help raise money to cover the cost of the snow.
Our goal is to raise $700, and we have raised $186 so far.
 Thank you to all of the parents who have donated money and breakfast goodies!
  The International Festival is a great way for us to try new foods, and learn about tastes from around the world.
Please sign up to bring a dish that represents the nationality of your family!
Sign-ups are available by your classrooms to bring in your favorite international holiday dish!
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Little Wonders in 002 Houston Magazine

We are so excited about our school being covered in the latest issue of Houston’s 002 Magazine!
Here is the link to see the article on line…….
Parents, find your copies of the magazine around town and make it a keep sake for when our little ones get older!


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Someone made the comment that this was a vase with flowers, but it is in fact a menorah!

This is the first year that Little Wonders has a child who celebrates Hanukkah (as well as Christmas)!  We are so excited, and we are learning so much from him!  We have been reading books about Hanukkah, and learning about the traditions. We read and leaned about the menorah and that Hanukkah has 8 nights.  They get a present every night for 8 nights, but the children who celebrate Christmas get a lot of presents for one night.  Hanukkah is a celebration of lights, in fact, it is called the festival of lights because of the “oil lasting for 8 nights instead of one”!

We also read that latkes are a traditional food in the Hanukkah celebration, so we got a recipe and made them ourselves!
Some of our older children sounded out and read our ingredients for us……. Once we had all of the ingredients, we all gathered around Ms.Ambreen to learn how to peel and shred a potato. We could do it all by ourselves! ; But wait!!!!  A major math problem occurred!  Mateo was documenting the stages of our cooking.  He drew the latkes and drew little circles inside to represent the eggs.  Wow, he drew a lot of eggs!  Trevor said, “that is a lot of eggs, we only need 3 eggs”!

So, we counted Mateo’s eggs, and he counted 25.  Now, how do you write twenty five?????? We heard different combinations of numbers, but Carter said, “a two and a five!”So, it was time for us to practice writing 2’s and 5’s! Ahhhh, ok, now that the math work was done, we could get back to cooking! We were so lucky to have Sam’s parents join us on this day to tell us about the Hanukkah tradition and help us cook the latkes………. They made sure everything came out ok! And boy did it ever come out okay!  They were a hit!  The children LOVED them!  We ate them with applesauce and sour cream……. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm…….While we ate, Sam’s dad read us a book about Hanukkah. When he was done reading, we went by the door to watch him light the menorah. (we made sure to do it by the door so that the smoke alarm wouldn’t go off ;We were all so interested!We watched as he used the one in the middle (green) to light the rest of the candles.  It was the third night of Hanukkah, so we lit three candles. Here is one picture of Mark’s menorah after our day of learning about Hanukkah!  The children got so much from their experiences today.

It was great to have Sam’s family with us to share their traditions.  It is really adding to our knowledge of how different parts of the world experience the holidays during winter.  We would love to learn about our other children’s traditions, please feel free to send materials, pictures, books, etc with your child before the festival.
Please feel free to talk to Maryam if you have questions or ideas!
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Art Exhibit

Please make time to view the amazing art exhibit in the entry way of the building!  The exhibit will be on display from December 6th through the 15th. 

The opening reception is tonight beginning at 4:00 p.m.  All friends and family are welcome!
 There will also be open registration tonight for the next series of classes.  Marjon is now offering an additional class on clay!  All the information on classes will be provided at the show!
See you there!
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