Private Art Lessons

A new session is starting! And we are excited to offer a class to our young children as well!

Children will take private art lessons with Marjon F. Aucion and Dandee Warhol inside of our school at Yellowhouse Atelier. Classes are available to our students and the public as well.

You may Email: or go to to Register!


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Yellow House Atelier

Students currently enrolled in Little Wonders and The School of Wonders are invited to participate in art classes in the Yellow House Atelier located within Little Wonders Learning Center. We are able to offer certain art classes at a lower cost due to the annual supply fee that each student pays to the school which is partially allocated to The Yellow House Atelier. Our classes are driven and created with the student in mind. Various classes will have a lesson provided and chosen by the instructors. However, at times they will be adjusted for particular students based on the skill level or interest, We believe that every artist is an individual with separate needs and inspiration. We strive to provide a curriculum that will challenge every artist and unlock their individual creativity. The majority of our classes are based on a six week course, one hour a week.

Please click the link below to get view more information :

Yellow House Atelier

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Workshop: Exploring the 100 Languages: Seeing through the Eyes of A Child

Educators Workshop Flyer

You are invited to our Educator Workshop. This workshop is open to all Educators and those who desire to see and experience Inquiry Education through a “Child’s Eye’s” . There will be engaging discussion, presentations, and group work. Please register below and be prepared to see a World of Wonder…




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Balloon Sculptures

In a private art class this week with Marjon, the students chose their favorite animal and choose a balloon that best resembled the animals facial structure. Next, the children covered their balloons with paper mache pulp and sculpted the facial characteristics they observed through an observational study. When the children came back to class the next week, their sculptures were dry and the students couldn’t wait to pop their balloons inside so the sculpture could stand on its own. After they popped the balloon, the children chose colors to paint on the sculpture. Some students chose colors in order to match the animal they were creating while others selected colors they simply wanted to use. The students painted their animals and were able to use various materials inside the classroom to add final details to their sculpture. Below you will see some of the finished products!

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 3.46.50 PM Continue reading

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Worth the mess

We loved this article from NPR on why letting kids serve themselves may be worth the mess so much that we included it in a blog post! Read below and enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.27.56 PM

When it comes to feeding little kids, adults know best. But some nutritionists now argue that children could also benefit from a bit of autonomy at mealtimes. Continue reading

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