Everyday nature provides us something new to explore in our outside classroom. During one of our explorations, we noticed two caterpillars. The class observed that the caterpillars were different from one another and began to inquire about the differences. Some of their thoughts and questions included:

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During this week’s Think Tank session with Gabby, our atelierista and nutritionist, the children were able to encounter radishes as part of our “Food as a Language” study. Many of the children were unfamiliar with this vegetable, but they enjoyed the process of exploring its characteristics.

We discussed the following:

  • Was it hard or soft?
  • What color is it? The outside was red, the inside white, and some of them had a small red dot on the inside! What a pleasant surprise!
  • What is the long, small piece on it? The children referred to it as “the stick”
  • How many pieces can you hold in your hand?
  • What size is it? Small or big? Pieces, whole, etc.

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Outside Classroom

So much happens outside! We like to spend a lot of time outdoors because it’s packed with exciting opportunities to explore and express creativity. While outdoors, we often play structured games with Coach Chip or read books, sing songs, exercise and dance together. However, some of the best times we have are when we get to enjoy the beautiful weather and connect with one another in FREE PLAY!

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Click here to watch a video of our outdoor play

Play matters in our school. We believe it is essential to a child’s mental, physical and social development. We created a short video of a couple of the beautiful moments captured from a morning outside. Continue reading

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Making Milk

The children came in one morning and decided they needed to “make milk.” We first asked the children what they needed to make milk. They began listing a few ingredients and things:

  • “Powder”
  • “Oil”
  • “Water”
  • “A Cow” (this shows that the children know where milk comes from)

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Food as Language: Peppers and Collard Greens

Every week we allow our children to explore food in many ways. They observe texture, shape, color, smell and sometimes taste. This week we explored two different foods. You will notice the children’s enthusiasm for the experience! These experiences allow for a greater understanding of food and create a learning opportunity out of something we do every day: eat!

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